Testing candidates

A deeper understanding of personality and logical thinking

Personality profile and IQ/logical test

We offer tests as a supplementary tool when evaluating potential candidates. When meeting a suitable candidate that you wish to proceed with, it can be relevant to analyze the candidate’s logic and personality on a deeper level. This can provide an insight into the candidate’s deeper values, future competences and long-term work ethic. Tests can therefore contribute to securing, that the candidate is suitable for both the position and especially the organization.

We want to underline, that we use tests as a dialogue tool. We see candidates as complete persons, and we believe that tests should only be part of the overall assessment of the candidate. For the same reason, we always conduct thorough feedback interviews with the candidate and provide the company with constructive feedback.

The advantages of conducting tests can be:

  • To get an insight into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • To get a better foundation for understanding, what motivates the candidate.
  • To get a mutual understanding of the differences between the company and the candidate.
  • To get to know in what respect the company can experience successful cooperation or possible conflicts.

See our two types of tests below.

Enneagram personal profile

We use the personal profile Enneagram when examining a candidate’s personality. The Enneagram is well-known worldwide as a tool and model to analyze personality. The Enneagram itself is an ancient symbol, and the model is developed by Greek philosophers. It is composed by a circle with nine inner points, where each point symbolizes a personality type driven by motivation and behavior.

The Enneagram is both a test and development tool. Studies have shown that using the Enneagram leads to better communication and cooperation, and an increase in employee engagement. The reason for that can be found in the purpose of the Enneagram; to understand what drives a candidate, and to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. When you can identify your candidate’s personality type, it will be easier to understand the candidate’s potential, and you will know what motivates him/her.

At the same time, it is important to note that a personal profile is a dialogue tool. We discuss the results thoroughly with the candidate in a personal interview before giving constructive feedback to the company. We believe that testing is a far more valuable tool when accompanied by dialogue than it will ever be as a stand-alone score on a piece of paper. All of our Enneagram certified consultants are highly experienced in the use of it.

What is the Enneagram?

  • A recognized psychological method that describes nine basic personality types. The Enneagram can be traced back to ancient Greece.
  • An in-depth personal description that can be used to map out a number of work-related factors for the individual employee or manager, including motivations, interpersonal skills and stress patterns.
  • A good basis for improving communication, interpersonal relations and motivation in a company.

You can find more information about the Enneagram here.

QI/Logical test

We use the logical test, People Test Logic, when examining the intelligence and skill profile of a potential candidate. The test is an extended intelligence test that profiles a candidate’s intelligence and logical abilities within 8 different areas. Simultaneously, the test calculates a candidate’s aggregated intelligence score, which provides an idea of a his/her overall level of intelligence. The ranking score is based on an examination of 3000 white-collar workers, giving the test a great foundation for illustrating how a candidate differentiate from the average.

The 8 different areas indicate, how the candidate differs from others, and provide a more balanced picture of skill set and intelligence. The 8 areas seek to clarify the candidate’s:

  • Speed of decision process.
  • Ability to devise proper solutions.
  • Ability to comprehend and observe logically.
  • Ability to think and conclude logically.
  • Ability to understand and solve complicated tasks.
  • Mathematical sense.
  • Understanding of grammar and language, and the ability to use language.
  • Ability to acquire new competences within a specific area by drawing on existing knowledge and skills.

The test can hereby illustrate a candidate’s ability to acquaint himself/herself with new tasks, solve them efficiently, and understand complex contexts, both on a tactical and strategic level. The test is ideal for companies that not only want insight in candidates’ skill set and work style, but want to identify candidates’ full potential through a greater understanding of their working methods.

If you want to learn more about People Test Logic, you can find more information here.