HR consulting

Caring for your company’s greatest resource

Employment contracts
Employee development
Conflict management
Management coaching

HR consulting

Strategic human resource management attracts talented employees and encourage a work culture that makes them loyal.

Bloom has more than 25 years’ experience of working with HR and can provide expert HR consultancy that covers:

•    Sparring with management on employee and organisational development
•    Change management for teams and individuals
•    Conflict management
•    Employment contracts and bonus agreements
•    Employee interviews
•    Personnel policy

Employees are a company’s greatest resource and the company is an employee’s greatest asset. Competent consultancy can lead the way to employers and employees getting more out of their working life.

We combine professionalism with high ethical standards, so that organisational formalities and working culture blend seamlessly, making it fun to go to work!

Contact us to discuss the HR challenges you are facing in your business and we can jointly find the form of consultancy that provides the best value for your business and employees.

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