Intelligent recruitment
& headhunting

When you find yourself in need of profiles within IT/technology, sales and management
- Also at international level

For candidates

We grant you new career opportunities and help you bloom in the proces towards finding your best company match.

For companies

With result-oriented recruitment and headhunting we will find your next specialist or leader.

IT experts

We have expertise in recruiting and headhunting specialists in the field of IT and technology.


Our 16 years of experience has given us great insight to the many types of profiles that exist in the industry.


We offer a flexible recruitment process adjusted to your needs and aspirations.


With personal collaborations we create trust and satisfaction.


Our clients

We are recruiting and headhunting employees to some of the most innovating and blooming companies. Here you can find an excerpt of them.
  • Rekruttering Bloom IT
  • Headhunting Teknologi IT
  • Headhunting Ledere Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Bloom
  • IT Rekruttering Bloom
  • Rekruttering og headhunting Ledere
  • Rekruttering teknologi Bloom
  • Rekruttering Bloom IT
  • It og teknologi Rekruttering Bloom
  • Headhunting Ledere IT Bloom
  • Ledere og salgspersonale Bloom
  • Find medarbejdere Bloom Rekruttering
  • Headhunting af de rette medarbejdere Bloom
  • IT rekruttering Bloom
  • Rekruttering Executive Level Bloom
  • Headhunting af salgsdirektør Bloom
  • Headhunting Ledere IT Bloom
  • Rekruttering af personale Bloom
  • Rekruttering Ingeniører IT folk Bloom
  • IT Rekruttering & Headhunting
  • Headhunting Salgspersonale IT
  • Headhunting IT Softwareudviklere Bloom
  • Rekruttering af IT Ledere Bloom
  • Headhunting af IT Medarbejder Bloom
  • Headhunting Softwareudvikler IT Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Bloom
  • Headhunting IT Reference Kunde Bloom
  • IT Headhunting reference Bloom
  • Bloom Rekruttering Kundereference OK
  • Mindfuture blooms kunde IT rekruttering
  • It rekruttering reference Bloom
  • Reference for IT rekruttering med hjælp fra Bloom
  • It Rekruttering med hjælp fra Bloom rekrutteringsbureau
  • Headhunting af Revisor Salg reference fra Bloom
  • Headhunting af iT leder reference Bloom
  • Reference til bloom om IT rekruttering
  • Headhunting af IT Ledere med hjælpe fra bloom
  • Rekruttering af IT ledere fra Bloom
  • Rekruttering Reference IT Specialist Bloom
  • Bloom hjælper Lessor med IT rekruttering
  • headhunting af ledere Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Leder Bloom
  • IT Rekruttering Leder Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT bloom
  • IT Rekruttering Softwareudvikler Bloom
  • Rekruttering Leder Salg Bloom
  • Headhunting IT bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Specialist bloom
  • Headhunting IT Leder bloom
  • Rekruttering Grønland IT Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Bloom
  • IT Specialist Rekruttering Bloom
  • Headhunting Teknologi Leder Bloom
  • Rekruttering Teknologi og IT Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Personale Reference Bloom
  • IT rekruttering Bloom Headhunting
  • Rekruttering IT Reference Bloom
  • Rekruttering Salgsleder Bloom
  • Rekruttering .Net udvikler Bloom
  • Headhunting IT Specialist Bloom
  • Rekruttering Reference IT medarbejder Bloom
  • Headhunting af ledere Bloom
  • Rekruttering af medarbejdere Bloom
  • IT Softwareudvikler Rekruttering Bloom
  • Headhunting Bloom IT Medarbejder
  • Rekruttering IT Headhunting Bloom
  • It rekruttering Reference Bloom
  • Bloom reference IT Headhunting
  • Headhunting C# Udvikler Bloom
  • Headhunting .Net udvikler Bloom
  • Rekruttering af medarbejdere inden for IT
  • Headhunting af CEO & CTO Bloom
  • Headhunting af IT ledere
  • IT Rekruttering Bloom
  • Headhunting IT leder Bloom
  • Softwareudvikler IT Bloom
  • Headhunting Ledere IT Bloom
  • Rekruttering af ledere Bloom
  • Headhunting IT pharma Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT leder Bloom
  • Rekruttering IT Bloom

How our clients describe us: