Career guidance

Get professional guidance and inspiration for your next career move

Guidance and inspiration for your next career move

Are you questioning where to plant yourself in order to continue to grow? Or are you thinking about changing career path?
    With counselling from an experienced consultant at Bloom, you will get inspiration to follow your career dreams and nourishment to bloom.

At Bloom we have many years of experience with job interviews and candidate selection. This allows us to offer you constructive and practical advice specifically tailored to help with your next career move.

Our counselling is tailor-made to your needs. Depending on the amount of session you request, we can offer both one our session, and longer courses.

We have an informal and personal approach to counselling. In order to give you the right and appropriate guidance, we must first get to know you, your values and aspirations. We therefore strive to create a pleasant environment that will make you comfortable with sharing your current challenges, your wishes for the future and your career dreams.

Our counselling can e.g. include:

  • In-depth discussion to clarify your abilities, personal requirements and career goals
  • Help to create a clear and professional CV
  • Training in writing an interesting job application
  • Coaching in handling job interviews.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on career guidance.

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