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If you are on the lookout for a reliable and experienced international recruitment agency in Copenhagen to help you with your recruitment needs, you may just have found, what you are looking for.

We are a recruitment agency located in Copenhagen, and have specialized in recruiting talented staff in the areas of IT, sales and management and have done so for more than 20 years. We are passionate about IT, digitalization and technology and we have great experience in recruiting for companies that do business in these areas. This way, we consider ourselves part of developing the technical and digital world by matching the right employees with the right companies.

As a recruitment agency our primary mission is to make companies bloom, supporting their vision, and help them reach their organizational goals. We take part in their journey towards reaching these goals by recruiting the candidates that at least meet, but more often exceed our partners criteria and expectations for a recruitment.

By choosing Bloom as your recruitment agency you can focus on your company’s main business area, and let us help you find the competencies you need in a new employee.

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Are you looking to attract international candidates?

We may be a recruitment agency with headquarters located in Copenhagen, but as part of the international recruitment network Talentor, we also do international and cross boarder recruitment.

With our trusted recruitment agency partners located in more than 30 countries, we collaborate to ensure our clients the best recruitment experience when their wish is to attract talented employees cross country. In other words, through our commitment to this international recruitment network, we have local recruitment agency partners, with whom we collaborate to help our clients either attract international talented employees to Copenhagen or attract Danish talents to jobs located outside of Denmark.

What you should consider when choosing a recruitment agency for your international recruitment process 

It is well-known that culture has a huge influence on how we as humans communicate, express feelings and get along in general. In a recruitment process, culture should also be taken into consideration when attracting and expanding your team with international candidates. Choosing a recruitment agency that not only takes culture into account in the recruitment process, but actually consults and collaborates with partners that do business in that cultural context is, in our opinion, crucial for a successful international recruitment. Knowing the culture, both in general and in a work context, of the candidates you are attracting, as well as, knowing how it supports, corresponds or clashes with the culture of the members of your team, you will be able to create a much better base for a successful collaboration in your team and ultimately a better outcome.

A professional recruitment agency with a personal approach

With our knowledge and expertise as an experienced recruitment agency, you can be sure to hire the candidates with the social and professional competencies that match the vision, culture and DNA of your company. It is core to our business that we get to know our clients. Our successful recruitments are to a high degree based on our distinct capability to get to know our clients well enough to be their representative in the recruitment process. As a recruitment agency we have a team consisting of very experienced recruitment specialists and recruitment consultants. They all value the importance of knowing their client companies to a degree that makes it possible for them to communicate their culture and atmosphere, as well as, demonstrating how they will create value for possible employees. At the same time, they have a deep knowledge of our agency’s main recruitment area; IT, digitalization and technology. They speak the language of IT, and know how to communicate with IT candidates to locate their competencies, both social and professional, as well as, analyzing their drive and motivation.
If you are currently having trouble recruiting the right IT candidates on your own, choosing a recruitment agency that has a profound knowledge in this area may be crucial for the success of your recruitment process. If your company’s business area relates to IT, technology or digitalization, and you are looking for executives or candidates within sales, choosing a recruitment agency that has knowledge in the area in which you do business may also be beneficial for you. This way you are choosing a recruitment agency that will be able to really understand your business, and therefore have a much better ground for attracting the right candidates for these roles.

Why network is important
in the world of recruitment

When choosing a recruitment agency, it also makes a great difference in the results of your recruitment process, that the agency has a great network.

In your considerations, when choosing a recruitment agency, you should take into account, how extended the recruitment network of the agency is. The profoundness of the recruitment agency's network will have an influence on the quality of candidates they are able to reach and attract for your company. A large network will entail a larger amount of candidates to reach and a great possibility for you to find the exact competencies you are looking for.

If you choose Bloom as your recruitment partner, you will be choosing an agency with a network both wide and deep. We have our own candidate database that through our last 20 years of existence in the market has become very extensive. All our candidates have the opportunity to become part of the candidate database when they are either available for a job that falls in our categories or when they have been part of a recruitment process with a client. That way we have obtained a large amount of candidates that are relevant for the positions our agency most often help our clients to fill.

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