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IT recruitment Denmark – Valuable employees create valuable firms

Having skilled employees is significant and crucial to all companies. We know this specifically because we have recruited valuable employees for more than 15 years, and we see our clients improve and grow their businesses as a result of these successfully recruited employees. With our many years of experience with recruitment and headhunting, and more than 700 successful recruitments we know what it takes to identify and match the right candidates with the right companies.

Extensive network of validated candidates

One of the ways we ensure the quality and effectiveness of the recruitment process in Bloom, is our large network of validated candidates. All of our recruitment consultants and specialists have broad and extensive professional networks, which they have obtained through their many years of experience in the industry. In addition, we have our own candidate database, which include many skilled candidates, where the majority is IT specialists and possible candidates for management positions. We have a great network of this type of candidates due to our specialization in recruitment and headhunting to companies operating in the IT and technology industries.

Choosing the right employee requires the right expertise

Another way we ensure successful recruitment is by maintaining our knowledge of our clients industries. We are always up to date on the industries’ languages and we know the skills needed for the industries different types of positions. Besides having many years of experiences with recruitment, our consultants have special knowledge of our clients’ industries, which primarily include IT and technology. With our consultants profound knowledge of the specialized type of IT candidates, we experience a much greater starting point for understanding our clients’ specific needs in an IT specialist. Our clients are very often surprised by our ability to quickly understand their business and need in a future employee.

At Bloom we recruit employees in many IT specialized positions, and we are specialized in doing so. We recruit and headhunt at all levels in the organization within a broad range of businesses operating in IT and technology related industries.

Amongst many other positions, we have recruited:

  • CTO
  • Software Development Manager
  • E-commerce Marketing Manager
  • CFO
  • Web Product Manager
  • Lead Embedded Engineer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Scrum Master
  • UX Specialist
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Product Owner
  • Application Manager
  • Accountant
  • Controller
  • Mechanical Engineer


Why outsource your company’s recruitment process?

Recruiting a new employee requires time and perseverance without mentioning a good judgement of character. As a manager, you will most likely not have time at hand to put a lot of effort into the recruitment job, as your skills are much better used in doing management tasks. For that reason, many companies in Copenhagen, and across Denmark outsource their recruitment processes and headhunting of new employees to us in Bloom. Accomplishing successful recruitment is time heavy and finding the right employee requires steady effort and perseverance.

Curious to know our recruitment process?

You representative

First we get to know your company well enough to become your representative in the recruitment process. We believe that knowing your company’s area of business, culture and DNA is the best starting point for finding the right candidate.

Clarification of profile

Secondly, we make sure we have a thorough clarification of the requested profile. With many years of experience in the IT and technology industry, we have technical knowledge of the many specialized profiles that exist in the industry. We then prepare a proposal for a job listing, which must be approved by you.

The hunt for candidates

Our consultants and team of researchers explore the market and contact relevant candidates. Before contacting any candidates, we familiarize ourselves with their professional lives. Our great network and database enable us to find the most specialized profiles. Naturally, we also advertise the vacancy.

Initial interviews

We invite potential candidates to a thorough interview, where technical skill-set and personal characteristics can be clarified. Here, we evaluate on the candidate’s suitability for both the position and the company. We will give you our written assessment of potential candidates accordingly.

Meeting the candidates

When you wish to meet a candidate, we will be pleased to take part in the interview. It is our experience that it creates comfort and great sparring for both you and the candidate.


We offer a personal profile and a logical test, if you are interested in getting a deeper insight into the candidate’s motivation, skill-set and behavior.


If your preferred candidates withdraw from the process, we will continue to search the market until we find a suitable candidate that you are satisfied and happy to employ.

Follow-up and security

After the employment of the best suitable candidate, we regard it as good practice to follow up on the employment for up to 6 months. At the same time, we offer a three months guarantee.

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